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VoIP Gateway
ATA2000BG 1 FXS Port Analog Phone Adapter
ATA2000BG Analog Phone Adapter offers superb audio quality, highly integrated functionalities, versatile Quality of Service capability. ATA2000BG Analog Phone Adapter delivers a very real advantage for home and SOHO user by realizing cost-efficiency. The Analog Phone Adapter is the ideal VOIP terminal for IP Telephony Service Providers to creat, deploy and maintain their VoIP services to their customers.
analog telephone adapter
  • SIP and IAX2 Protocol Compliance
  • Support two SIP servers simultaneity
  • G.711, G.723, G.726, and G.729 codec
  • Deployment and management with Auto Provisioning server
  • Built-in router
  • Two RJ45 ports, one for WAN, one LAN
  • Two RJ11 Ports, one for FXS, one PSTN




Key Features
  • Support two SIP servers running at the same time
  • Redundancy SIP server support
  • NAT, Firewall
  • DHCP client and server
  • Support PPPoE (used for xDSL, cable modem connceting)
  • Support major CODEC
  • VAD, CNG
  • G.165 compliant 16ms echo cancellation
  • E.164 dial plan and customized dial rules
  • Support Lifeline
  • Hotline
  • Call Forward, Call Transfer, 3-way conference calls
  • Call ID display
  • DND (Do Not Disturb), Black List, Limit List
  • Reverse polarity
  • Voice prompt
  • Web,telnet and keypad management
  • Adjustable user password and super password
  • Upgrade firmware through HTTP, FTP or TFTP
  • Telnet remote management
  • Upload/download setting file
  • Auto-provision
  • Safe mode provide reliability
  • Two RJ45 ports, one for WAN, one LAN
  • Two RJ11 ports, one for FXS, one lifeline
  • Five LED indicators (WAN, LAN, REG, PHONE, POWER)
  • Power port
  • FCC, CE
voip gateway
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