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1CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal
CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal
CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal CW2000 Series

CW2000 series Fixed Wireless Terminals are based CDMA2000® 1X technology and available in either 800 MHz, 1900 MHz or 450MHz frequency band.

CW2000 CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal offers high quality voice, 1x RTT high-speed packet data, circuit-switched data, and PC fax. 

CW2000 provides robust performance to enable a variety of flexible applications to the home, office, or remote sites.

CDMA Fixed Wireless Terminal

  • CDMA2000 1x (compatible with IS-95)
  • 1x RTT High-Speed Data
  • Caller ID, Call waiting, Three-way calling
  • RUIM or No-RUIM
  • Support PBX
  • Backup Battery Optional


Frequency Band
  • 450MHz Block-A/C
  • 800MHz (Cellular-Band)
  • 1900MHz (PCS-Band)
Standard Compliances
  • CDMA2000 1x (backward compatible to IS-95)
  • IS-98E
  • QCELP and EVRC Vocoder
Basic Features
  • Call Waiting, Forwarding, 3-Way Calling
  • Caller ID
  • RUIM or No-RUIM
  • Support PBX
  • USB1.1 Interface (Maintenance and/or Data)
  • Mechanical Power Switch for Complete Power-Off
  • R-UIM or No-UIM
  • Backup Battery Optional
  • Charger AC Input : 90 ~ 240 VAC, 50~60Hz
  • Charger DC Output : 5VDC
  • Operation Temperature : 0 °C ~ 50 °C
  • Operation Humidity : 40% ~ 95%
  • Atmospheric pressure : 85~110Kpa
  • Environment noise : <60dB
  • Eradiation power : 2W
  • Sensitivity : -104dBm
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