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Startcom Information&Technology Co.,Ltd. is committed to offer comprehensive access of communication solutions that integrate wireless, VOIP (voice over internet protocol), broadband data and multi-media to improve business efficiency.

The Company has established a highly qualified team with a firm grasp on the latest technology and operation pattern, allowing cutting-edge innovation and continued development of the IG platform. In addition, through cooperation with industry players such as with Siemens, Motorola, Philips and Texas Instruments, the Company is capable of meeting high end demands in telecom network, mobile communication and data traffic.

The Company’s flagship Wig Series products are positioned for the mobile operators. The Company provides a full line of voice and data access gateways aiming at the multi-dimensional needs of business customers. Through its core products of wireless communication, broadband data and multi-media equipment, the Company will aggressively develop access terminal products

for all aspects of communication operators. Meanwhile, the company is leveraging its advantages in products and technologies to launch a virtual operation program. By integrating communication equipment, software, virtual operation and added value service, the company aims to gradually develop into a customer oriented, high-tech., high added value provider of comprehensive communication solutions.

Under the guidance of an experienced management team, and facing a market with great room for expansion, WiGate will leverage their foundation of advanced technology and good customer relationship to seize the great business opportunities in the Chinese mobile communication industry at its early stage. This gives WiGate a strong platform to compete for the leadership position in China’s mobile communication market.

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