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Enterprise's managing mission refers to the total idea, faith and tenet that should be followed in the production and administration, consisting of managing concept, enterprise spirit, enterprise working style, and enterprise aim and enterprise core competition.

Set enterprise capability as the base; create quality advantage, technology advantage and cost advantage.
Create a highly qualified group of devotion and coherence; competition system to promote employees' ability; consistent innovation and study to enhance enterprise's capability.
Create advantages in both quality and service to be the first in the circle and win by quality; Master trade new technology in advance to conduct trade development; Control design, production, quality and cost effectively to have price advantage.
High comprehensive enterprise and employees' quality;
High standards of enterprise image design, system, technology, product, employee and market, etc.
Surpass ourselves and others; competition-minded, aggressive and innovative.
Fast response when come across difficulties, clarity and effectiveness in handling and solving problems.
United, hard working together with company; seeking for brilliance, enterprising, responsible and moral.
Sharing risk and development with company by concerted efforts and developing individual in promoting company; devotion and responsibility; selflessness and adjusting one's mind from" morality" subconsciously to reach trustful communications and good cooperation between all levels.
Surpass and strive for the first is long-term instructions and persisting pursuit when face new challenges and opportunities; Erect high quality and good reputation image to coin excellent brand in domestic and abroad market and keep the first competition and remain enterprising all the time in related fields. We predict that at the end of the second 10-year plan, we will gain great achievements of three large markets, trinal increase and three ˇ° the firstˇą; coin profound strength for the first and insist on one base, three advantages to come into the market in multi forms.
Innovation in mind, technology, product, management and changing annually to go forehead successfully.
Humaneness: it demonstrates relationship between people.Startcom's humaneness refers to satisfy customers' requirements to the fullest extent. Thus, our customers can only repay us with " humaneness" and devotion.
Personal loyalty: It is important ethics that require personal loyalty and conscience, prior to benefits. We should form long term cooperative relationship with customers to realize "double - win"
Courtesy: It is exterior ethical behaviors that demonstrates one's civilization and conversation style and harmonizes human relations.
Wisdom: It refers to individuals' intelligence, knowledge and capability.
Honesty: it is certain result of the above aspects. That it is, we should be honest and keep our promises to customers to erect our enterprise's reputation and brand.

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