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Quality policy: by all means offer quality and competitive products and services in time to satisfy and exceed the expectation of customers.
Quality slogan: create quality advantage & strive for No. 1 quality.
Quality promise:
.Our tenet-----satisfying or exceeding the expectation of customers;
.Our behavior criterion-----with fast response and effectiveness working style, providing customers with quality and competitive products and services.
.Our eternal pursuit-----quality innovation, launching marketable new products; devoted to customers' satisfaction and loyalty, striving for peak world-class quality.
Consolidating four kinds awareness: quality awareness, participation awareness, problem awareness and improvement awareness.
Bring four kinds of styles into play: enterprise, meticulosity, self-discipline, equality
Develop quality morality:
Morality controls and decides quality;
Product trait=morality+quality High quality results in morality control;
Call for quality spirit
Selflessness to quality control;
Bear high responsibility for customers and society;
Constantly enterprising, exploiting and innovative spirit;
Respect practice and emphasize efficiency.
Set up quality guarantee system and ensure it efficient running, constant improvement and consummation. Satisfy beneficiary & customer; enhance working efficiency &staff's satisfaction. Keep close attention to social demand.

The establishment of controlled product line criterion

Insist on carrying out overall quality management and encourage all staff to join QC group activities to present rational and reformational suggestions.

Found a fund of quality prize and a complete set of stimulant scheme and strict quality check system. Divide reward into individual according to his performance on quality control.

Establish a sensitive info. network consisting of info. center in head office and sub-centers in individual depts. All info. will be the basis for monthly assess check in the end of the month.

Set up a complete quality supervision system led by principals; actual and hidden quality problems or any regulation violation will be traced and solved.

Form a reliability test room and implement spot test for customers to consummate measuring instruments.

Strengthen materials control; improve quality guarantee agreement and QCDS (quality, cost, delivery and service) estimation law.

Emphasize process quality control and set up patrolling inspection system. Our special inspectors keep continuous and close attention to the whole process to find out problems.

Reinforce field control and carry on 5S activities actively; Ensure all steps under control and note down relative marks and records.

Set quality-control gate in key and special working procedure and demand operation staff to work with relative qualification certificate. Apply stat. technology flexibly and control the producing quality all time.

Set up prevention-oriented product and service quality control system, and appoint " seven commissioners": Quality engineer, Material supervisor, Inner auditor, Inspector, PQC patrolman and spot tester, secretary to directorate, company security personnel. Find out various problems and risks early and solve them.






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